“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

18 Jun

Sadly, I think that that phrase is true, even though I don’t agree with it. Despite the fact that we are humans and we all should have the same rights and obligations, we don’t receive the same treat, the same opportunities, we may have a better life than our next door neighbor, and maybe, we won’t ever travel around the world as rich people. And it’s all because of this cold, ambitious and superficial society. Every day, in the streets you can see how different life is for people, for example, a high class lady, shopping at the mall, receives an excellent treat, but, a poor woman, that can’t afford to buy something, is treated like nothing, like “zero”!

 Sadly, since we are little kids, society has showed us that there are groups of people that are “more equal” than us, “rich people”, “poor people”, “famous people” … And the list goes on. But no one has ever told us that we should stop labeling people like there were objects, that, despite all our differences we are equal, we all have feelings and to God’s eyes we are all brothers and sisters.

Finally, I think that there’s still hope, maybe someday things will change, and in the mid time we should teach our children, our family, our friends and the world, that the most important thing about a person, is all the love and good things that he or she can give. 





Napoleon’s government and Hitler’s government

2 Jun

Napoleon the pig was almost exactly like Hitler, beside the most obvious fact that they both were mean people, with out any good feelings, or respect for humanity, they both took a ideology, and they turned it into a totalitarianism. They changed completely the whole idea, on their own benefit.

Napoleon and Hitler, they both look down every other animal/person. They thought that they were superior, and they both were really good speakers, so they had the ability to lead animals/people.

Little by little, animals/people started to realized that they were bad (napoleon and hitler), that they were in charge of everything, and there was nothing they could make to stop them. It was a really sad period, a lot of animals/people suffered. They were victims.

Napoleon and Hitler were doing whatever they wanted to, and they forgot the idea of a fair world, a fair treat and good life for everyone. They abused of their power, and the only thing that they wanted was to have more and more power, to be invincible.

It’s crystal clear that absolutely nothing was good at the time, everything was sadness, misery, and pain. I really hope that it will never happen again.

Seven Commandments of Studentantism … (Yeeeeeahhh!)

2 Jun


1. No student shall choose having fun (specially on facebook) instead of study. 

2. No student shall study a day before a test!! NEVER!

3. No student shall copy – past from wikipedia. (Or any page!)

4. No student shall disrespect the teacher. 

5. No student shall give up, even if the subject it’s hard.

6. Students shall appreciate knowledge, over marks.

7. No student shall study with out passion! If you love what you’re studying, it doesn’t matter anything! Don’t you ever loose the passion. 


Hello world! And miss Steph …

16 Mar

My name is Pamela Pincheira Buglioni, I’m 20 years old, and uhm let’s see … I really love writing, but not writing about me, so it’s kind of complicated for me to do this. Ok, I’m an English student, I’m in second year now (Yeeeeah!) and it has been a great experience for me doing this, of course sometimes the only thing that I wanted to do was disappear of this world, because I was so exhausted, but I’m still here, fighting to approve all my subjects.

As I told you before, I love writing, and also I love others things for example; My mother’s pasta (so yummy), going on vacations (specially to the very south of Chile), singing at loud and imagine that I’m a rock star, I love shopping of course, I mean who girl doesn’t ? Going out with my boyfriend (my best friend), going to aerobics and to dance salsa, watch movies, and attempting to cook (even when my meal tastes awful, I don’t give up). Uhm, what else … Uh! I just love to work with children at Servicio País foundation, it’s such a great feeling when those little kids hug and smile at you (aww).

I like simple (silly?) things too, like the smell of the grass, hearing the sound of a river or water falling down, walking under the rain, drinking coffee while I’m eating chocolate, hugging my mommy, uh, I love to lay down on the grass,  to look up to the sky and giving the clouds a shape. I like laughing all the time, sometimes I can’t stop and I choke and cry for it ahaha. Oh, the most important thing, every single day I give thanks god for my life, the things I’ve got, and the things that I haven’t. All the time people get mad or sad for so unimportant things, and I just can’t help think that at the other side of the world, there is someone that is even worse than I am righ now.

Ups! Clearly I wrote more than 200 words, I hope you don’t mind dear miss! And i hope you like it too  =) see you at class!